San Sebstian to Barbados

Steve & Carol
Fri 29 Dec 2017 14:03
26:34.13N 18:48.01W
Stephen joined us again on 26th and we spent most of 27th shopping and stowing!
We left San Sebastian a little later than we planned – Dennis ( a sailor we first met in Porto Santo) and his girlfriend arrived in the marina early morning and we had a catch up coffee and chat with them which was good and then we actually left the harbour at 13.30 yesterday afternoon having sorted final bits out and topped up with water and diesel. Initially we had good wind but it died down in the shadow of the island. We have therefore had a mixture of good sailing, slow sailing and motoring! We have done 135 miles in first 24 hours. Steve spoke to a couple of other boats on SSB who are heading the same way which is good – hopefully we will have daily contact with them.
We had some dolphins yesterday and today we have had whales – we aren't sure what they were could have been Fin / Bryde / Omura or Minke – I have a whale and dolphin book and they are all so similar if you only see bits of them! Both Stephen and myself got some photos and video so we will be able to take a better look and see if we can distinguish which they were.
We have just put the cruising chute up as the wind is light again and are currently doing 5-6 knots.
We have had our first satphone joke arrive – thank you Chris and co.