Steve & Carol
Sun 12 Jun 2022 16:00
Most of the boats left early leaving just us and 3 other boats in the anchorage, we decided to move a bit further in, last night we had ended up  anchoring officially just outside the designated area so it was an ideal opportunity to move before other boats arrived.  With no wind we then began to get the sail off - we took the battens out and Craig came over to give us a hand to take the sliders out and get it on deck to have a good look at. Basically there were 2 horizontal lines where the stitching had failed with the stress of it flogging, due to my lack of attention both had then proceeded to rip the material one along the leach and the other at the luff - the second is going to be the hardest to repair as it is torn under the batten pocket so I am going to have to unpick that as well to make the repair! all in all a bit of a mess but could have been worse if the 2 horizontal splits has been rips!
Soon we had the old mainsail in place - we remembered it as being too short for the boom but not a short as it is, it looks rather ridiculous, also it's not fully battened and the 2 middle small battens are missing so we will need to get some new ones when we get an opportunity to!
Sail covers on and ready to move agin we went ashore to stretch our legs and explore a bit - it was hot -mad dogs and Englishmen etc 😂, on our way past we said hello to a New Zealander who had arrived a short while ago. Trapani doesn’t have a dinghy dock so we left our dinghy where Craig and Brett had left theirs. I have to say we remember Sicily as being dirty and sadly it hasn’t changed - it took a while to find a rubbish bin to put our rubbish in - it looks like the locals don’t bother - the water around the fishing boats was disgusting, polystyrene boxes and plastic everywhere 😡 obviously fishing vessel rubbish - you would hope they cared a bit about the ocean as they make their living from it wouldn’t you but Fishermen seem be the worst offenders! Some of the buildings would have been lovely in their day and there were a few nice streets,  most properties however looked rundown and neglected.
On our way back to the dinghy we met the Kiwi again ( I can’t remember his name🙄), he was at an ice cream parlour so we joined him and I got myself a lovely lemon ice cream cone 🍦😁, we then headed back to the dinghies with him, when we got to the dock his had been lifted onto the pontoon and turned upside down with outboard on etc, a big sailing boat had arrived and the marina staff had apparently left it like that to allow the sailboat to dock safely! As you can imagine he wasn’t a happy chap at all, Steve helped him get it back in the water the right way up, unfortunately half of one of his oars was missing and, not surprisingly, his outboard wouldn’t start so we towed him back to his boat, after dropping me off Steve and Craig went over to help him get it going again which he did after draining the oil out of the cylinder! 
Early evening we headed ashore again with Craig, Zena Tab, Brett and Nina for an evening meal, we ended up in a pizza / pasta restaurant, luckily the daughter of the owner spoke english as none of the waiters did at all and so she took our orders, after all sharing a traditional local potato dish as a starter most of us chose Pizza’s which were which crust and cut into little squares not the pie slices they are in the UK which made them easy to eat, Steve opted for his favourite with mushrooms and Pepperoni on - when it arrived there wasn’t any pepperoni and enquiring if it had been forgotten the lass said in Sicily pepperoni is red pepper so she had misunderstood him and got him some salami to have with his pizza instead 🤔 not quite the same! 
Apparently pepperoni isn’t from Italy at all, it was invented by Italian immigrants in New York - so its American 🙄, no wonder we can’t find it in shops here! Anyway we had a lovely evening  entertainment was provided by the the waiters who seemed to have no idea what numbers related to which tables and kept trying to give the wrong food and drinks to the wrong table - it was a bit like faulty towers only with 6 or 7 Manuel's all looking lost and not knowing what they were doing most of the time, luckily the owners daughter seemed to be on the ball and kept pointing them in the right direction 😂.