Deshaies Guadeloupe

Steve & Carol
Wed 7 Mar 2012 16:41
16:18.35N 61:47.88W Moved up to Deshaies so that we can check out from here. Had a good few days at Pigeon Island Anchorage, the first day there we had 45knt winds which meant we stayed on board. The next day winds reduced to 30knt so we went snorkelling round the island, loads of coral and reef fish. We were going to leave yesterday but a French couple we had met came round and said they were going diving so we joined them. So glad we did, this time we dived all the way around the island stopping to see Jacque Cousteau’s statue on route. We saw so many new and different fish and again a turtle swam past us. The wind is still strong and from the NE and as we are heading north next for a 50 nm passage to Antigua we will wait till Friday when the wind is supposed to veer east (Don’t worry Jane and Angey we will be in Antigua by Sunday).