Ste Anne and Le Marin

Steve & Carol
Fri 6 Apr 2018 19:13
14:25.89N 60:53.27W
We spent about 10 days between Ste Anne and the anchorage in Le Marin, we went into Le Marin on 29th to go out for my birthday – coincidentally a couple we invited over for a drink when we were in Tyrell bay are here and Derek called us on the radio to invite us out for his birthday drink and meal with some other boats and when we said it was my birthday as well we made it a joint celebration, we had a girls table and a boys table and made some new friends.
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There were 7 couples in total all members of the Ocean Cruising club, including Suzie who is organising the Suzie Too rally we are doing in December, 4 of the other boats (Suzie Too, Supertramp, Mojito, and Ocean Blue) are on the rally as well although only Ocean Blue – Derek and Lesley are in our group.
We stayed in Le Marin socialising and shopping for a couple of days– there are very easy access supermarkets and a good selection of chandleries to spend our money in! Steve did find a new control unit for our autopilot – ours broke on the Atlantic crossing so we have been controlling it from the chart plotter which is ok but not ideal, we are glad to have the new one installed and working. Steve spent some time on Supertramp helping Steve and Fiona with some fridge and charging issues they were having.
We went back out to Ste Anne on Easter Sunday for a beach gathering arranged by Suzie.
We are hiding by the tree on the right!
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After the beach we went back to John and Ini’s boat – Skyran, who we met on my birthday for a lovely evening, shame they are heading south and going home for the hurricane season Sad smile.
We were glad to see Moonlighting arrive at St Anne and had a good time catching up with Will, Alyssa and their 3 water babies!
The laundry in Le Marin was calling so we headed back to do our laundry and some shopping, in the anchorage we saw that Laurie and Bill on Toodle-oo who had just arrived from Greneda. After 2 nights we moved back out to Ste Anne. I spent a day sewing – I’m still trying to finish the dinghy chaps I started in Porto Santo – nearly done just need to get dinghy on deck for a few hours to finish them!
Ste Anne
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Dinghy dock looking out over the anchorage.