Okocic Planja

Steve & Carol
Mon 25 Jul 2022 12:00
42:56.774N 017:09.802E
Another slow sail and we arrived at some small islands off the coast of Korcula and decided to stop, we sailed almost all the way into the anchorage and anchored off the island of Okocic Planja not far from the busy crowded anchorage to the north near the Franciscan Monastery. It's a very pretty anchorage but because of that and the fact there is shallow water to anchor in it's also very popular,  there were lots of boats coming and going and small trip boats passing through the anchorage!
Steve took the pressure valve to pieces again and with the help of the diagram and a bit of force he got the valve pin out and we gave it a good clean and lubricated it as instructed, it now moved much more freely and after some fiddling the water maker was working again 👏👏, we do still need to source a boost pump as the high pressure pump is located above the outside sea level so the system needs a helping hand, in the short term we can run it for short periods without the pump and hopefully not do any damage! 
Once that was done we got in the water for a swim and cool off!