Big Majors Spot, Bahama's

Steve & Carol
Wed 16 Jan 2013 00:14
24:10.96N 76:27.65W
Warderick Wells is the head quarters of the Exuma Cays land and sea park and we had a good day yesterday snorkelling on the coral heads at Emerald rock near Warderick Wells followed by a walk  where we saw a normally nocturnal Bahama Hutia, a rabbit size rodent and the only native mammal to the Bahamas, in the undergrowth eating. They were thought to be extinct until they were found on East Plana Cay and in an effort to protect it some were moved to Warderick wells and one other Cay, today they are still endangered but judging by the amount of droppings present on the island there are a fair few of them there now.
Today we had a great sail for the 2 hour trip to Big Majors Spot, this is where the swimming pigs are! We have come south a little faster than we had planned because we needed internet access to be able to continue to sort out an electrical problem the tenant is having in our flat in the UK.