Deep Bay

Steve & Carol
Wed 16 May 2018 11:00
17:07.61N 61:53.27W
We decided to head to Deep Bay which is a few miles to the north, it’s a very pretty bay with a long beach and turquoise water. We anchored with a few other boats – most of which are waiting for a transporter ship to take their boats back to the UK and Europe. it was fairly windy still so not ideal for snorkelling but we took a look at the wreck and had a couple of snorkels around the edge of the bay, the water was a little churned up from the wind so visibility wasn't great. We went for a couple of walks – we tried to walk around the lagoon behind the beach only to be told 3/4 of the way around that we couldn't go any further because of construction work!
m_DSC01946 m_DSC01959
More Pelicans
We met Keith and Sarah on Infinity of Yar who are one of the boats waiting to be shipped home and went for a walk up to the nearby Fort Barrington and spent a couple of very nice evenings with them before we headed back to Jolly Harbour to say good bye to Toodle-oo who are setting off across the Atlantic tomorrow.
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