On Our Way

Steve & Carol
Sun 12 May 2013 13:31
18:25.26N 059:49.69W
We got away yesterday at 11am UTC (7am local time) we are using UTC from now on as it makes life easier! We started off heading further easterly than we thought we would be able to which was great but have gradually headed more NE as the wind changes. The wind speed is a little variable and the sea lumpy at times, we are doing shifts of 3 hours on 6 off, though none of us have slept very well so far we are just getting used to the shifts etc. In the night we saw the light of another sailing boat and Steve made contact on the VHF, they are heading for the Azores as well but are faster than us and don't have an SSB so we wont be in contact for long! We have also seen a ship this morning.