Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Steve & Carol
Sun 10 Dec 2023 14:30
28:07.7109N 015:25.536W
We had a fantastic downwind sail for a couple of days but today the wind come around to forward of the beam and was down to 8-9 knots so we had a nice flat sail for the last few hours. A few miles out I called the marina to see if there was a berth - initially they said they were full and had a waiting list 😬, however when they asked how long innamorata was they said to come into the marina and go to the waiting pontoon and they would see if they could find us a place, I told them we would go to the fuel dock as we wanted to take the opportunity to top up with diesel. We arrived in the marina and after filling up, I went to the office and amazingly they said we had a berth - how long did we want to stay 😁, After doing the paperwork etc we moved to our berth, feeling lucky as there really is a waiting list of boats that are in the anchorage waiting to get a space!