Porto Pedras Negra to Ensenada De Barra

Steve & Carol
Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:49
008:51.099W 42:15.56N 008:51.099
We had a short sail from Porto Pedras Negra with cruising chute (we got most of the way before the wind dies and we had to motor) to Ensenada De Barr, we were pretty pleased with how the cruising chute looks after we repaired the mess we made of it on our way home from the Caribbean last year. 
Ensenada De Barra is a popular anchorage and very popular naturist beach, the favourite pass time of its occupants seems to be marching along the length on the beach and back naked! Luckily we anchored far enough off shore so as not to be able to see any detail of those on the shore  however the occupants of boats that came in and anchored near us left little to the imagination! We had a pleasant afternoon and went over to Falkor for a drink with Simon and Lucy in the evening.