Vucine and watermaker problems!

Steve & Carol
Sat 23 Jul 2022 15:45
42:53.176N 017:27.008E
We headed off not really sure where we would end up and had a day of gentle sailing with a bit of motoring thrown in. 
We ended up heading to a little anchorage off a popular beach - Plaza Vucine, there is a campsite to the north of the bay, a couple of properties and a church and not a lot else, there were about 5/6 boats already in the anchorage when we arrived and so we ended up anchoring in the sandiest part of bay, off and a bit further out than the most popular swimming area. Soon we had joined everyone else and were in the water cooling off. 
During the day we could here the cheerful chatter of people in the water, children on the beach and the many paddleboarders who went past the boat. 
On the second day we had other things on our mind as our water maker had made a horrible noise and wasn’t working so we were preoccupied with finding the problem - the boost pump was not working at all and the high pressure pump was working but not pumping water! The pressure valve had been needing to be on harder in recent days as well. Once the boost pump was removed from the circuit we hoped that the problem with the high pressure pump was an airlock and so primed all the air out of the pump by removing the valve caps and turning the pump - sure enough a fair bit of air came out but it didn’t solve the problem! next Steve took the pressure valve to pieces - we didn’t have a diagram etc so got it apart to a certain point, cleaned it all - it was rather grubby in places and reassembled it - still not working! Steve emailed EchoTec to ask about a price for a new boost pump and pressure valve,  the reply was rather expensive 😬 but luckily they did ask for information on the problem which Steve detailed and sent off. Not a lot more we could do but google search for a cheaper boost pump etc and contemplate life without a water maker for a while!
We were treated to lovely sunsets both nights we were anchored in the bay
During the night we got a reply with a diagram suggesting we we took the pressure valse assemble to pieces again and remove the pressure pin (Steve hadn’t managed  get it out before not wanting to damage it). 
But as there was a good wind to head north we will do that at the next anchorage 🤞.