Day 12

Steve & Carol
Tue 9 Jan 2018 13:49
16:40.76N 46:49.84W
We are making steady but slower progress – yesterdays run was not 154 as I said but 147 – it was written down incorrectly. Todays 24 hour run is 144 but we are a lot more comfortable most of the time. 
A short while ago the whale put in an appearance again – we wonder if its the same one just going along nearby?  We have been towing the towgen for a while now and it had got in a big knot so we have recovered it – cut off the very frayed rope – the turbine had tangled up in the rope and was facing the wrong way so just creating drag and not actually putting anything in.
Steve spoke to Rick on Believe and Ken on Windsong again yesterday – they too have light winds and have been playing with different sail strategies,
Ken is now a fair way ahead and will probably get in a day before us!
Not a lot else to report – all is well on board and we have 775 mile to go.