Nassau, Bahamas

Steve & Carol
Sat 2 Jun 2012 15:11
We are having a really great time here, its so good to catch up with Vicki and she is doing a wonderful job of looking after us.
Vicki and me on Vicki’s birthday, Innamorata is happily on a mooring buoy in the background 
Vicki also arranged for us and Tony to do a couple of shark dives at Stuart Cove on the SW side of the island so we had a nice drive to the other side if the island Vicki came on the boat with us but didn't do the dives.
The first dive was a wall dive with the usual reef fish good coral and a lot of sharks around, the second was a shark feed which was great, the sharks come very close to the divers but aren't interested in us, there were between 20 – 30 reef sharks up to about 6/7 ft long all wanting some free food (they feed them speared Lionfish which are considered a pest here and breed prolifically). Anyway the sharks are wonderful not scary at all, although I wouldn't want to be cut and bleeding in the vicinity of them! A lot of them had fishing hooks and line stuck in their jaws or fins and one had a broken jaw from a fishing hook and would have probably been dead but for the feeding.m_IMGP5580
While here we have met Vicki's parents and had a lovely meal at her mother’s house, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming we really would love to stay longer.
Last weekend we went to Green cay with Vicki & Oliver in their boat Blue moon and Ken & Sheila in Camelot had a great time playing in their toys, and snorkelling on the reefs there.
Vicki and Oliver's Blue Moon
Ken and Sheila’s Camelot
Green Cay
I bought an underwater camera with money I got for My Birthday and took my first underwater photo’s
A few days later  I went to Rose Island with Vicki, Ros a friend of hers and Kourtney, while the boys helped Pete on Norna take a fuel pump off his engine, the engine had “run away” a few days earlier preventing them from heading off to Florida. Although we have had a lot of cloudy weather since we got here it hasn't stopped us having a good time!
Music night on Norna