Marina di Badolato

Steve & Carol
Fri 24 Jun 2022 16:23
38:35.678N 0016:34.254E
After a slow start we tacked our way a little further along the coast and anchored outside a now totally silted up and abandoned Marina di Badolato, the coastguard called on the VHF and gave us permission to anchor as long as we stayed more than 200 meters from the shore - we were about 250 meters off shore complying to the Italian rules!
It's getting hotter with day temperatures between 30 and 34C  and we were very happy to get in the water for a cool down after we arrived, put off a little bit by the barrel jelly fish so just stayed close to the back of the boat. Later we rowed over to Adriana and got to talk to Craig and Zena in person for the first time since Trapani a couple of weeks ago!