Steve & Carol
Sun 14 Aug 2022 14:43
43:42.943N 015:53.822E
After an early morning paddle board we decided to head towards Krka waterfalls and set off north, we had a mixture of sailing and motoring the short trip to the entrance of the Krka river, passing the fort of St Nicholas and along the canal of St Anthony in to the bay of Sibernik, as we approached the entrance two large motor boats in front of us stopped and Steve noticed traffic signal red light and green lights were red - not quite sure who that applied to, some smaller vessels had also stopped while some kept going! We stopped - trying to find out who the lights applied to and looked on charts, apps etc to see if we could find more information - we couldn’t but they soon turned green so in we went - later we read in our old cruising guide the lights only apply to motor vessels over 50 tons - we could have kept going!
Once through the canal we headed south and anchored opposite the Mandalina Marina, we were the only boat until Robert and Heather on Amorgos Blue arrived a few hours later. From google maps we had seen there was a Lidl and a large shopping centre near by so of course we launched the dinghy and set off ashore with Robert and Heather. 
After a successful shopping mission we headed back to the boat and later enjoyed sundowners with Robert and Heather.
The following day we decided that we would head to the shopping mall for a look around - not really our thing but it makes a change! Of course it's a holiday today so not all the shops were open but most were and we looked around - found a couple of sports shops which sold paddle boards - Steve has been suggesting I get one and since I tried Steves and found I could actually stand on one and not fall straight in, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea 😂.but I haven’t researched any so we headed to a coffee shop for a coffee and google, soon we were joined by Robert and Heather who were also having a look around the shops. While we were chatting and drinking our coffees I got a whats app from Steve and Sarah - friends who are driving round Europe in a camper van, Steve wanted to know if I knew where they could fill their UK calor gas bottles? - after a few messages, we were delighted to discovered they were actually only 5km away from us, so they took a quick detour and joined us at the cafe. We had a fantastic time chatting and catching up - who knew shopping malls could be such fun, all in all we spent a couple of hours at the cafe so it was time to vacate our table and find something to eat,  we found a little bakery stall and got pizza slices and I had a cheese filled pastry before going back to one of the shops and buying one of the paddle boards we had seen earlier 😃 then said good bye to Sarah and Steve and headed back to the boat.