Thanksgiving in St Mary's

Steve & Carol
Thu 22 Nov 2012 17:21
Thanksgiving began with a knock on the hull at 07.45 – when Steve went to see who it was he was presented with 2 bloody Mary's courtesy of the local hotel bar where the Thanksgiving dinner was to be held! The town lay on turkeys and hams for boaters and the towns people alike and the boaters provide the vegetables and deserts, at 12.30 we all gathered and had a great meal. We were the only Brits there all the other boats were either American or Canadian . We met a local couple who had visited Cuba a few times and went back to their home to sit around their outside fire and chat for a while. The following day it was Pancakes for breakfast before we upped anchor and headed for Cumberland island near by.
Innamorata and some of the other yachts at St Mary’s for Thanksgiving