Alligator River, intracoastal Waterway (ICW), North Carolina.

Steve & Carol
Thu 28 Jun 2012 01:48
35:46.8N 76:02.58W
We spent a nice day yesterday in South River with Yindee Plus and Eye Candy. We also met Judy and Gene on an American motor boat La Que Se A and got some more information on the Intracoastal waterway. In the later afternoon Moonshadow with John and Debbie on board turned up, we had met them in Charleston. We went to Yindee for a drink as we are parting company for a while, they are staying around here waiting for some bits they have ordered and we are off North. Matador has stopped and been lifted out for a bottom clean and paint so its Eye Candy and us moving on. We left early this morning and for the first time in ages it was cold until the sun warmed the air! We motored the 78 odd miles up the ICW, we did manage to get the genoa out a couple of times but as the anchorages are limited we had to push on! On route we had a 64ft bridge to get under and Judy kindly radioed us to let us know that the height marker was reading 64 1/4 ft when they went through an hour or so ahead of us so we didn't worry about the clearance and got through with out pinging the aerial. We did come to an abrupt stop however at one point when we got too close to the green channel markers and hit the bottom but reversed off no problem! The next anchorage is about 40 miles away so we wont have to go quite so far tomorrow. Oh, and we are now fully insured for any named storm as we are north of the 35 degree latitude just as Debby goes by.