Isla Fuerte

Steve & Carol
Mon 21 Jan 2019 14:32
09:22.56N 76:10.98W
We had a superb sail down from Tintipan - 3 boats decided to stay behind as they thought the weather forecast looked like too little wind - however our forecast said light wind picking up from lunchtime so off 5 of us set - we sailed from 10 minutes out of the anchorage initially with the Genoa until we got out of the shallows then we went to Cruising chute and mizzen we had an hour of light winds and then a great sail with the wind picking up gradually to 17-18 knots and we flew along at 7-8 knots.
The other group 2 boats all moved down to Tintipan so there are 10 of them there now - hopefully they will arrive here in the next few days while we wait for a weather window to head off to Panama.