Anse D'Arlet

Steve & Carol
Sat 7 Apr 2018 19:07
14:26.17N 60:53.17W
We had a sail round to this pretty anchorage on the west coast of Martinique. On the way we passed a local fisherman collecting his catch from one of the hundreds of fish traps in the area, we passed Diamond rock which on one occasion was taken from the British troops by the French after they sent barrels of Rum to be washed ashore and found by the British soldiers who inevitably drank it, got drunk and allowed the French to defeat them!
m_DSC01408a m_DSC01448
We did some snorkelling which was surprisingly good:
m_PICT0010 m_PICT0034
There were also quite a few turtles – Martinique has 3 species – Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback so far we have seen  Green turtles with just one probable Leatherback sighting at Ste Anne’s!