La Graciosa

Steve & Carol
Sun 3 Dec 2017 16:17
Since arriving we have been exploring Graciosa which is is a small desert island -  8 km long and 4 km wide, made up of sand and volcanic cones, we didn't go ashore last time we were here as force 6-7 winds and rain! The weather is better this time and we walked into town along the beach
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–  its a strange place white one story buildings and sand roads! It was fairly deserted when we went there as you can see from the empty streets!
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There is a marina, a couple of shops, some bars & restaurants and little else!
Yesterday I kayaked into town with Brenden from Baltic Dart - it was fairly ambitious of me as it was into the wind and waves - it took about an hour to get there, Brenden went ashore for some bread while I stayed with the kayaks and then we headed back - a much easier and quicker paddle with the wind behind us. As I was fairly wet already I went for a swim afterwards and took the opportunity to see if the anchor was well dug in - which it was. After lunch we went for a walk with Brenden and Serena up to the top of nearby Montana Amarilla and got some good pictures.
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We didn't see much wild life but we did see this little Desert & Asian Shrike
I managed to break a tooth in 2 so tomorrow we are going to head to Lanzerote for a dentist - we also have a water maker membrane waiting for us there as ours is not performing well and producing water which has too high a salt content to be safe to drink for any length of time.