Weymouth and Portland

Steve & Carol
Sun 6 Aug 2017 19:08
50:36.77N 002:26.50W
We stayed at Studland Bay for a few days in rather windy conditions managing to get a few odd jobs done on the boat.
By Friday 04/08 it looked like we had a weather window to get across the channel to Cameret Sur Mer in France and so headed into Poole to pop in to a marina for short stay and do last minute shopping some laundry and fill up Gas bottle, after which we went back to Studland to anchor before setting sail at 21.30 for the 2 night sail. Wind was West 4 and so it was a beat but Innamorata was going well with the help of the tide. The wind  against tide made the sea a little lumpy and unfortunately Jayne did not feel well – after 4 hours with another 30 or so to go we decided it was not fair to carry on and so turned around and headed for Weymouth where we anchored off the beach at first light and all went to bed for some sleep.