Steve & Carol
Thu 26 Aug 2021 17:00
42:07.146N 008:50.417W
We made it to Baiona and anchored, there are a few boats here - mainly German and Belgians but there is one other British boat and an Aussie boat both flying ARC flags. On route we discovered that there was a fresh water leak from a hose on the engine so that will be a job for later or tomorrow, for now we are going to go ashore and try to check in - a totally unsuccessful mission, first we went to the Marina who said for their customers they have a form to fill in and they email it to the Police but they had no idea how we should check in and gave us the address of the Police Local so off we trotted - found the police station but only a cleaner was there who didn’t speak any English - as our Spanish is fairly poor we gave up and went shopping instead 🤣. We were rather low on fresh veg so I was very happy to restock.