Sun Bay, Vieques

Steve & Carol
Sun 22 Apr 2012 01:54
18:07.10N 65:20.85W
Vieques is a nice island which until 2003 a large area was used by the US military for target practice, apparently they stopped after accidently killing a local! Now the areas are under the US marine and wildlife jurisdiction and are uninhabited which makes the anchorages quiet and peaceful.
Entering Ensenada Honda negotiating the shallows we had only 0.2m underneath the bottom of the boat which is maybe why there were no other boats apart from Tactical Directions and Tuataras in there
In the mangroves, the trees were all quite young having no doubt suffered from being target practice in the past.
We moved along the coast to Ensenada Sun Bay so we could visit Mosquito Bay which is a famous bioluminescent bay which is too shallow to get into in Innamorata and too far to dinghy to.
m_IMGP5066 After a short walk we got there to find that you only see the bioluminescence if you hire a kayak for $40 dollars each or pay for a ride on an electric boat as its only around the edge near the mangroves so we waited until it was dark, had a splash in the shallows and got bitten by mosquitoes but didn't get to see any luminescence!  
We also took the dinghy to Esperanza which was a really nice little town and had some local food and a walk around.