Stradioti island

Steve & Carol
Sat 2 Jul 2022 19:30
42:24.603N 018:41.831E 
As we headed further into the Bay of Kotor we got some good views of the shoreline, it's different, mountainous and green especially lower down, the properties are in a different style to those we are used to seeing - first impression is - we like it here! We passed a monastery on an island and anchored not far away in the first cove on the south of Stradioti island in 10 meters of water - it seems most anchorages are deep here! By now it was half seven at night so we were pretty tired, but did manage to stay awake to appreciate the sunset! 
We had a lazy day - did some laundry which dried in record time, I went for a bit of a snorkel along the islands shore, the water had small hot and cold patches - half your body could be in warm and the rest in cold - not really that refreshing but cooled me down a bit.  As you get near the shore it shallows steeply and there's sea grass on the bottom and lots of small fish, no bigger ones though! The island itself used to be a Club med resort which is abandoned and has fallen into disrepair, supposedly it's illegal to go ashore but we have seen quite a few cruisers and locals exploring it!