Sant Antoni

Steve & Carol
Wed 27 Apr 2022 12:31
38:58.499N 001:18.322E
We didn’t stay in Portinax the next day but moved on to Sant Antoni to meet up with a friend we haven’t seen since 2006! We managed to find a great spot to anchor in-between the beach and the mooring field, the moorings are put in every year to protect areas of Posidonia sea grass when it's busy and there are a lot of boats wanting to be in the bay and not go into the marina, we anchored carefully where we could see there wasn’t any seagrass and also checked the Donia App map to be sure! 
Sant Antoni isn’t a pretty town - it's mainly ugly apartment and hotel blocks with bars restaurant and clubs, it's the start of the holiday season here, clubs and bars are beginning to open up, first night was quiet but after that we could hear them, especially the bass beats from the clubs nearby until the early hours of the morning, Im sure come the summer it would be unbearable for ‘oldies' like us 😂 ! It is however by far the easiest place we’ve found on Ibiza to shop, there is a large Mercadona about 10 mins walk from dinghy dock, a Lidl 5 mins walk, an Overseas shop even nearer, selling Tesco, Waitrose and Iceland goods so a great place to replenish a few things like squash - very difficult to buy elsewhere and I have it daily with my sodastream sparkling water! I ❤️my sodastream - had it on board since 2011! There is also a great chandlery - we were able to get a replacement spare gear cable and got a throttle cable as well they are actually the same but the throttle is longer and bound to break if we don’t have a spare for it as well! 
We met with Jane and her husband Dirk and had a really lovely afternoon onboard Innamorata catching up, it would be lovely to see them again and we had hoped to be able to go around to the east side of the island again to meet up but as there is swell forecast there for an eternity and we think we have a weather window to head on to Mallorca in a few days we won’t manage it this time around! 
While we were there both Toodle-oo and Rockhopper came in and anchored near by. On Saturday we were going to move off to another anchorage but the local youngsters were having a Kayaking regatta along the beach and we had ringside seats on the boat so we stayed and  spent a lovely afternoon watching them - the better ones glided through the water so effortlessly - hopefully I will have picked up some tips for next time I get my kayak out! It really felt like we were on holiday - the sun was out and the water teeming with activity and to end the day we had a lovely evening on board Rockhopper with Jo and Carl.