Francisky photos

Steve & Carol
Sun 10 Jun 2018 14:20
Heading along the coast of Gran Roques towards Francisky.
Incentive entering the sheltered bay created by 3 islands, reefs and sand bars, on the left as you enter is this home on stilts, we found out from Margarita that until a storm 3 years ago it was on a sand island, the sand was all moved by the storm and now the home sits high on it’s stilts in turquoise water.
m_DSC02532  m_DSC02536m_DSC02466a
Venezuelans from Caracas come here for the weekend in their big motor boats – fuel is so cheap you can forgive them for having motorboats!
The nearest one is Gustav and Margarita’s boat – Hatt Enough
m_DSC02486 m_DSC02523
Anyone can use this shaded area as long as its not a commercial venture.
Sadly I managed to loose a set of photos from a walk on this islandSad smile.
However the rest is stunning too! At the head of the bay is a beach which is popular with weekenders from the mainland – some fly to Gran Roques and get small boats to bring them for the day.
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We also snorkelled around the mangroves and kayaked it would be nice to have 2 kayaks rather than take turns though!PICT0054 PICT0060 m_PICT0079
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Later we went ashore and had drinks with Gustav, Margarita and their family – we went on to be invited to a BBQ at the house they are renting for the weekend. During the evening we learned more about the sad economic and health crisis in this beautiful country.
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Lovely beach house we had BBQ at, at night hundreds of hermit crabs appear from their holes in the ground and you have to be very careful not to step on onewalking along the beach in the dark
m_DSC02547 IMAG2005
Los Roques is a great kite surfing area.
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