Highbourne Diving

Steve & Carol
Sun 20 May 2012 12:47
We did 2 great dives on Highbourne Wall with Tony, Andy, Claire, Rob and Dee while Pete and Kourtney stayed on Tactical Directions to look after it and be safety boat if needed. On Sunday we did a dive 1 which was good, we saw lots of very colourful coral, reef fish, lobster, grouper as well as a black tip shark which was cool, it swam by for a look but wasn't interested in us at all, afterwards we snorkelled on a shallow reef called the octopuses rock garden which was also very good the coral was beautiful and a good variety of fish, however no octopus! Yesterday we did dive 2 which was at a different site on the drop off wall and was EXCELLENT – as we descended there were a lot of fish around and soon a ray swam by, then we spotted a big lobster walking around on the sea bed, when we got to the drop off there was another shark again just having a look at us followed by a turtle which came to see what we were doing, it wasn't in the least bit scared and took a shine to Steve going over to a  couple of feet away to get a better look at him before swimming away and that was all in the first few minutes!
When we got back to Innamorata we finished our air and cleaned the hull which had its own reef growing on it!