Great Harbour, Peter island

Steve & Carol
Tue 17 Dec 2019 16:40
18:21.60N 64:34.98W
Well, we spent one night at Deadman’s bay, the waves were hitting the near island of Dead Chest and bouncing into our anchorage causing the boat to roll far more than when we first arrived. By the morning I had a migraine and felt awful. We decided to leave and head to the next bay which though only 1.3 miles away was flat, Great Harbour was calm when we arrived, we anchored on the ledge and had a lovely relaxing day, Went for a snorkel but the water wasn’t very clear with lots of particles and marine organisms in it, the seabed was disappointing, last time we were here we remember good snorkelling along the shore but it seems the hurricanes have changed that, there are signs of new coral growth so hopefully in the future things will recover.