Mustique photos of island and Blues festival.

Steve & Carol
Sun 4 Feb 2018 08:41
We Loved Mustique – it is really quite a beautiful and well looked after Island, the locals are friendly and it has a nice feel to it.
After a rolly night we caught up with Beverly and Frank from Louanne, they had been to the festival and were heading north.
We snorkelled and swam in the very turquoise water, the coral isn't great – rather dead looking but there were quite a few fish, there are also lots of turtles that pop up around the boats.
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m_DSC00403 m_DSC00390 m_DSC00412
There are seats, tables and picnic areas strategically places around the coast.
m_DSC00405 m_DSC00432 
m_DSC00469 m_DSC00583 m_DSC00689
We did the lagoon nature trail walk which is in the south west of Mustique, we followed the trail
around the lagoon through mangrove forest, along the way there is a hide for bird watching which had some resident Geckos in the rafters, there weren't many birds in the lagoon but we saw a few along the way - black birds, great blue heron, osprey, frigate birds, pigeons and heard a lot up in the trees.
m_DSC00423 m_DSC00446 m_DSC00453 m_DSC00564
m_DSC00460 m_DSC00527 m_DSC00540
Lagoon beach on the south of Mustique
m_DSC00470 m_DSC00473 m_DSC00474
Mangrove roots growing out of the ground to breath               Wild pineapple plants they are growing on Manchineel tree,m_DSC00550 m_DSC00519
We also walked over to the Atlantic side of the island to see Macaroni beach – said to be the No1 beach in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
m_DSC00630 m_DSC00622 
m_DSC00653 m_DSC00656 m_DSC00655
On the way we passed the equestrian centre, the tennis club and the football field with palm trees around it.
m_DSC00599 m_DSC00695 m_DSC00691
We also encountered a few of the wild tortoises which when you look are plentiful.
m_DSC00672 m_DSC00707
and some rather grand driveways views of some of the islands properties.
m_DSC00349 m_DSC00702 m_DSC00699 m_DSC00593 m_DSC00660
Our dinghy with Basils bar in the background – the venue for Mustique’s Blues Festival which is held every year to raise money to help with education on St Vincent .
m_20180203_142118 m_DSC00339
On Saturday night we went along with Richard and Julie from Escapade, the entry fee was EC$25.00 each, there were surprisingly few people – I guess about 120 (maybe 150) people in all came and went throughout the evening – the festival is held for 2 weeks with the same people playing each night, there were a few people who looked like they were locals but not many, there aren’t that many people on the island and it’s not easy to get to, as Mustique is a private island and it only has 2 hotels, other island guests must rent the houses – you can rent Mick Jagger’s island home for a small fortune! There also weren't very many cruisers there, we think that they quite like the small venue and audience, the musician's all had a great time truly enjoying themselves, afterwards they were friendly joining in taking pictures of each other, dancing and chatting to people.  We had a great evening good company and good music.
The line up included, Joe Lewis Walker (below), Ian Seigal, Rich Estrin (an amazing harmonica player), Murali Coryell, Tia Gouttebell, Amar Sundy
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