Steve & Carol
Sun 11 Sep 2022 11:54
44:00.955N 015:15.438E
We woke to some light rain and a miserable grey morning, once it had cleared we headed north again, we tried to sail but with 2 knots of tide agin us and very light winds we were soon gong sideways rather than forwards so we abandoned that and motored the few miles to a very sheltered shallow bay between the islands of Pasman and Uglajan, the 2 islands are joined by a bridge which at only 56 ft is too low for us to get under, there is a channel running through the bay and under the bridge which leads to their west coasts and outer islands,  there can be a lot of boat traffic, ferries, trip boats as well as private and charter boats so that there can be a lot of wash from their wake, luckily it wasn’t too bad as its a bit later in the season now. There were a couple of boats anchored already but with plenty of room we found a good spot, the wind had increased a bit as we came into the bay and the surface was a bit choppy - me being a coward who didn’t fancy falling off the paddle board - the water is only 23.5C decided today was a day for the kayak so we headed off with me in the kayak and Hannah on a paddle boarded to explore the bay, afterwards she had a go at kayaking but preferred the paddle board, her weeks holiday is going fast!