Deshaies, Guadeloupe

Steve & Carol
Wed 21 Feb 2024 15:38
16:18.338N 061:47.9W
Deshaies is a pretty little town in the north of Base-Terre Island and the main film location for the TV series Death in Paradise and so we had to visit a couple of the attractions, namely the Honore Police station and Catherine's bar, as filming is done in the summer the police station is left as a tourist attraction that you can go into for a fee of €15 per person 😱 - ridiculous price to see 2 rooms and take some pictures, of course we didn't bother and just took pictures outside! We actually visited twice, first time it was grey and overcast so we returned the next day for some better pictures!
Honere Police Station.
Catherines bar is a real business but it was closed when we visited however we were able to sit down and enjoy the view and get a couple of pictures! 
Deshaies had more Pelicans than we have seen for a while 😍, although I'm very happy they weren’t pooping on our boat 😂!
We did snorkel in the bay - saw a couple of turtles and a few other fish, the best picture I got was however, a lion fish! they are an invasive species and multiply rapidly and eat native tropical fish, decimating their numbers so although beautiful fish not one we want to see here!
With a good forecast we checked out or Guadeloupe to sail North to Antigua.