Saltworks Creek, Severn River, Annapolis

Steve & Carol
Sun 7 Oct 2012 15:00
39:00.73N 76:31.62W We went to the Annapolis boat show on Friday, somehow we managed not to spend too much but saw lots of goodies we would like for the boat if we were to win the lottery, it was also very useful for research and talking to technical reps etc, we found a nice refrigeration man who was very helpful, he is based in Deltaville where we are getting lifted out so we will give him a call when we get there to see if we can get our fridge working better than it is at present. We met a few cruising friends while wandering around the show and had a good but long day which ended with the Oyster owners drinks party in a house near the show, here we met up with Charlie and Anina as well as Craig and Karene, we met another Oyster 46HP owner Jim who races his single handed in events like the trans Siberia race ( sounds far too cold for us but he was very interesting to talk to as his boat is a ketch like ours but he has an additional sail high up  from main mast to the mizzen which he fly's in light airs. After the drinks we had a walk back to the dinghy and on to Innamorata, Steve walked twice as far as me as he zigzagged his way back in rather worst state the rum he had consumed.
Yesterday after he had recovered a little from the night before we moved here to Saltworks creek to meet up with some other boats, Mike and Marguerite who we met in the Bahamas on their way home from a 14 year circumnavigation live here and invited boats they met to drop by when in the area so we are here with Egret, Eye Candy and Yindee Plus who like us arrived yesterday.
We will hang around Annapolis for a few days more as we are getting a couple of our sails looked at by the US rep of the company who made them in the UK as the stitching has gone in large sections of the UV protection strip, At the boat show there was a UK representative there who agreed to let the US man repair them free of charge, the down side of this is that he can’t do anything until the boat show is over!