Off to Menorca

Steve & Carol
Mon 22 May 2023 12:44
Totally fed up with the rolly uncomfortable anchorages' I didn’t want to stay in Sardinia any longer,  we decided to leave - it did look like we should be able to get some wind if we motored for a while (quite frankly would have motored the whole way to the Balearics if we needed to 😂). We did try to sail early on but the wind was too light and the swell meant that the sails just flogged so we motored on for most of the day in the evening we managed to sail with our old cruising chute - we didn’t want to fly our new one in the dark with no moonlight and still swell making the sail flog occasionally, we had a great night sailing until 7 in the morning when the tack of the cruising chute ripped, I won’t be mending it again so it will be bye bye old cruising chute when we get somewhere to dispose of it, it served us well since we bought it second hand in 2009/10, now we will just have to use our nice new big one. 
Tack of cruising chute - rest was snuffed and bagged!
Once we had got the cruising chute down - luckily as it was the tack that gave way this time so it didn’t end up in the water, we carried on sailing and ended up having a cracking sail to Mahon where we anchored in Cala Teulera.