Back to Deadmans bay on Peter Island.

Steve & Carol
Fri 5 Apr 2013 00:24
18:21.37N 64:34.28W
We went to find Ken and Sheila early in the morning and found them anchored a couple of bays from us. We had coffee and met the rest of the party which included Kens father who’s 90th birthday they are celebrating with the holiday, I hope I'm fit enough to have a sailing holiday at that age, but somehow I don't think I will be! Afterwards we snorkelled at a site called the Caves before Wendy and myself did a shallow dive back at Benures Bay.
A school of Blue Tang at the Caves
Today we went with on Wyuna and dived on the Indians with Gina which was fun before coming round to Deadmans bay to get internet and send a few emails. 
A French Angelfish