Salinas, Puerto Rico

Steve & Carol
Tue 12 Mar 2013 15:05
17:57.37N 66:17.56W We came here on the 10th but forgot to update the blog! We had planned to come here for fuel, we haven't filled up since Fort Lauderdale and are getting low, however when we enquired they said that they didn't know how much they had left as there hadn't been a delivery for a long time and they thought they were at the bottom of their tank – that didn't sound appealing as tanks are often dirty at the bottom so we opted not to get any here. We did meet Peter a Brit we had heard on our SSB net and had a good evening with him, his wife has flow home for a week so he was there alone. We met a few other cruisers, did laundry etc and enjoyed our stay and left this morning having not seen the resident manatees that everyone else seems to see – we don't know what it is with us and marine mammals we see lots of dolphins but not much else!