Day 6

Steve & Carol
Wed 27 May 2020 07:38
47:40.77N 015:16.80W
The fog lifted at midday again and we sailed into a blue cloudless sky, the only trouble was that the wind shifted to the east north east which means we are now sailing towards Ireland.
The forecast is for the wind to remain easterly for the next few days before veering southeast so that means a big loop towards Ireland before we can head for England and most likely another extra day out here.
Oh well, it's another blue sky day so not too bad although 3 or 4 days beating to windward would not be our preferred choice.
After we came out of the fog yesterday we picked up 5 other sailing boats on AIS up to 50 miles away, ones that had left Horta the same day so there's a bunch of us in the same situation.
All well on board