Steve & Carol
Tue 18 Jun 2019 21:18
37:32.45N 076:20.236W
Well yesterday evening turned out to be a little more exciting than we had planned, we were happily sitting below while some thunder and lightening rumbled in the distance, all electronics were off and stowed just in case, when all of a sudden we were hit by a wind blast - Innamorata rolled from gunnel to gunnel as the wind direction changed dramatically, pans, drinks and everything not secure flew around the boat - we were in the middle of a white-out rain and wind squall, as we didn’t have instruments on we were unaware what exactly the wind was but it was high when the squall had gone by and we put the instruments on it was still reading 39 knots, the boat behind dragged anchor quite badly, we dragged a short way before the anchor reset itself.
Today we spoke to another boat who was anchored with us he thought it was a waterspout that hit the anchorage? Anyway the official wind recorded there was 81mph - you can see the wind spike and change in direction in the image below. The pictures are after the worst had passed and it was safe to take my camera into the cockpit.

Today we decided to head to Deltaville as we didn’t fancy a repeat of last night, we managed to sail most of the way and even had the cruising chute up for a while, this afternoon we have anchored by Chesapeake Boat works.