Steve & Carol
Thu 2 Sep 2021 13:29
On our 3rd night in Leixoes, Simon and Lucy heard a noise outside, they looked out to see a boat with 3 Portuguese fishermen in cutting their fenders off the back of Falkor and making off with them 😡, leaving the ropes dangling! in the morning they tried to report it to the Marina and Maritime Police but neither seemed very interested! Such a shame, it leaves a bad feeling, why steal a few random fenders from a boat? Nearby an American boat had left its dinghy and outboard on a rope in the water but that wasn't touched! 
We all decided to move on and anchor in the River Douro, while we were waiting for Falkor visitors - Simon's brother Rich, his fiancé Kerrie and son to come from Porto for the trip. While we waited for them a remote boat / submarine which we had seen the day before managed to hit the side of Innamorata! We really couldn’t work out what the 3 or 4 people operating it were doing with it, at first we though maybe it was doing a survey but they weren't very good at controlling it, it didn’t go very far and there was no pattern to where it went so who knows! Today there were actually 2 of these one red and the other yellow neither was very active mainly just floating around 🤔.
When The others got back to Falkor we set off and had a short motor to the River Douro where we anchored outside the marina. We will Visit Porto from here.
Arriving in Rio Douro.