Lovely visitors for a week

Steve & Carol
Wed 2 Aug 2023 15:06
We headed to S’Arenal to pick up my sister Jane, my niece Lucy and her 2 children Harry 9 and Jess 7, coincidentally our Dutch friend Rik and Sanne on Incentive were heading there as well, we last saw them in 2019 and since then they have gone through the Panama Canal round the world and back into the med via the Red sea and Suez Canal, it was great to get a chance to meet up with them and hear about their adventure before our visitors arrived. The forecast had shown that there would be a bit of swell in the anchorage however by the time we picked everyone up - which wasn’t till about 11pm it was decidedly rolly to say the least - we successfully got everyone on board but it wasn’t a good first night for everyone 😬🤢, so we decided to move to the other side of Palma bay and anchored in Cala Xinxell - what a difference out of the swell everyone soon began to feel better and the children had their first swim of the holiday. Unfortunately Jane was flying home after a couple of days and so we all went into Palma on the bus with her and spent the day there while she got a second bus to the airport.
Janes daughter Hannah flew in the day after she left to stay for the rest of the holiday, in the mean time we were having a great time introducing them to paddle boarding and snorkelling.
We didn’t go to the places we planned to go to - weather wasn’t playing fair but we did have a great time - we did a bit of sailing - Harry took the helm for the first time sailing on a nice downwind sail and soon got the hang of it.
We got the underwater cameras out one day and had a fun time letting Harry an Jess take pictures and getting pictures of them enjoying the water. 
Oh yes and there were some fish too!

All in all apart from the first night the holiday was a great success for everyone.
It was over far too quickly and soon it was time for them to leave and fly home, this meant another dinghy trip in the dark to get ashore and an early bus ride to the airport - luckily the weather was better and so the dinghy ride was easy!