Playa De Los Genoveses

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Apr 2022 20:16
36:44.444N 002:07.11W 
We had a good overnight passage with a mixture of sailing with cruising chute and mizzen, genoa and mizzen, motor sailing along the coast past snow topped mountains, had our first dolphins this year 😀.
Around Almeria there are miles of Polytunnels - you don’t get the true idea of how far they stretch from a boat but this is google earth 😱! Basically the white areas are greenhouses and poly tunnels growing veg for the rest of Europe all year round, it's the largest concentration of greenhouses in the would and can’t be good for the planet can it? 
Anyway we kept sailing past and decided to stop in a nice little bay around the corner from Cabo De Gaia and anchored for the night.