A manatee at last and dolphins.

Steve & Carol
Fri 15 Mar 2013 02:09
Well after complaining about not seeing the manatee in Salinas we were delighted when one surfaced near the boat not long after we anchored in Puerto Patillas, it spent the afternoon feeding around the boat and popping up for air every once in a while, often only the snout broke the surface though. My photographic skills were decidedly lacking, I just wasn't quick enough but I did get a few photos and if you use your imagination you can work out that it was a manatee.
You can really only see the snout and tail.
its distinctive round tail.
I'm hoping now that as we haven't seen any Humpback whales one will appear shortly after I write this! We have been lucky with dolphins, here are some of the playful ones we have seen along the south coast of Puerto Rico.
All trying to get in the best position at the bow.