Little Ragged Island

Steve & Carol
Sat 14 Mar 2020 12:46
We spent a few days in the anchorage, went for a walk on the shore which was very pretty - how I love the clear Bahamian water. 
Steve found this demon face in the rock.

We met Philip from one of the French boats - he’s a sculpture and finds drift wood to make sculptures from, below are some bits drying and the tools he uses to turn them into works of Art.
We also got in the water, the good snorkelling is all a long dinghy ride to either the southern tip of the island or to the cut between Little Ragged and Ragged Island, we headed for the cut but with the wind at the time it was too rough to want to snorkel so we settled for a snorkel around the boat and to give the hull a wipe over underwater - it's amazing how muddy slime and patchers of growth it has acquired since we last cleaned it in Puerto Rico, it is however pretty easily wiped off but provided a bit of a work out. 
With the world clamping down on travel we are wondering where we will be for the Hurricane season - our plan was to return to USA, lift Innamorata out of the water again at Deltaville and fly home for 3 months - flights booked etc but it seems very unlikely we will be flying anywhere!!