Steve & Carol
Wed 29 Nov 2023 13:00
36:32.448N 006:17.042W
We left Barbate with Amorgos Blue and had to punch into the wind and seas to get to Cape Trafalgar, last time we went inside the outer shallows here but it was difficult to see a if it was any better to go that way and in the end we went around the shallows. We could then head more northerly, set the Genoa and turn the engine off, with the tide we were soon flying along at 7-8 kts although the sea still made life on board a bit uncomfortable we were happy to be sailing. During the course of the passage there were a few large bangs - we were sailing through a Spanish military firing range but with no information available re firing times and no one calling us to warn us not to go there we sailed on hoping they realised we were there and didn’t fire near us 😬. Looking back at our 2006 passage along this coast we knew when they were firing at 7.30 - 12.30UTC and so left late to avoid being in the area at that time! Apparently it was easier before we had internet on board to find out what was going on!
In Cadiz we decided to head into the marina, again it's reasonably cheap with water and electricity included so with heavy rain forecast overnight and in the morning we liked the idea of being able to put an electric heater on if needed!