Matthew Town, Great Inagua

Steve & Carol
Fri 6 Mar 2020 16:53
20:57.468N 73:40.71W
We arrived in Matthew Town at mid day, from reading about the Government dock here we were expecting there to be room for between 7 and 10 boats, however when we arrived we managed to get on the last bit of dock available and there are only 3 sailboats and one small motor boat on the docks, We had to go in front of a motor boat so our bow sticks out a long way - it's not ideal as there is some bad weather coming and the docks aren’t quite as one would hope! They are tall and there isn’t a ladder on our bit so getting off is pretty hard for me when the tide is down however we have managed to rig our fender step and a rope so I am now get on and off with relative ease 😃.
The lighthouse on the SW corner of Great Inagua as we approached Matthew town.
The view out from the dock is lovely with typical turquoise Bahamian water ❤️.