Stingray Point Boatworks

Steve & Carol
Sun 12 May 2024 19:00
37:33.7126N 076:18.5599W 
We have 2 options to lift out one in Fishing Bay but we went be able to work on the bottom of Innamorata or Stingray Point - where we can. The problem with Stingray point is that the channel leading up to it is very shallow  - charts say 5ft at low water and we are 7ft 2 ins deep, we can only get there on a high high tide and those are in the middle of the night at the moment, the tide on Saturday lunch time is only 1.18ft 😱 . We started to prepare to get lifted and took mizzen and staysail down (the easy ones) but the wind stopped us attempting to get the Genoa down. 
Rick the owner of Stingray point reckoned that we should get in on Saturday as there is a northerly weather system which pushes the tide a lot higher than predicted and warned to stay away from the second green marker as it has shoaled there. We both had a bad nights sleep on Friday night worrying about going aground and getting stuck in the channel etc. Rick rang in the morning to say the tide was looking good for us and to head round - its not fat as the crow flies but just under 10 miles by boat, we managed to get the genoa down before we left - it was a mess but at least it was down. We timed it well and arrived at the channel in Broad Creek before high tide, a small sailing boat was coming out and he also said we should be fine - just stick to the centre and don't go near that green. so in we went - Yippee we got in and the least depth we had was 0.4m below the keel on our way round to the yard thanks to the northerly weather system 😁, we were very relieved. Rick was waiting on his waiting dock and took our lines, soon we were tide up waiting to be lifted on Monday. We still have loads to do, have already taken mainsail down, put dinghy on deck, taken all the ropes down, wind generator blades off, liferaft off, sailboats off, laundry, meander leaks in coachroof etc.