Day 3

Steve & Carol
Sun 26 Apr 2020 13:06
27:34.27N 069:22.19W
Well the company didn't last for long, the wind picked up and Innamorata bounded away at 8+ knots, not bad at all as we are sailing with just Genoa and mizzen. I tried calling the other boat soon after we'd lost him on AIS but no reply.
The wind died again last night down to 3kn so we motored for 3 and a half hours, blasted again early this morning and now as I write, it has dropped to 7kn again.
We are sailing with our Wind Pilot which amazingly keeps us sailing at 3.5kn in 7kn of wind, it uses no power and is sensative enough to steer our 24 ton boat, love it.
Getting cooler at night and wet on deck.
All well on board
PS Keep the jokes coming Jane xx