Steve & Carol
Fri 2 Sep 2022 11:58
43:30.891N 016:13.745E
We headed to Trogir and anchored at the same time as Lucy and Simon on Falkor, soon they were on board having a coffee and a catch up before we headed into Trogir for a wander. We took our dinghies along the narrow canal inside the island the old town was built on and found spots to leave them, along the mainland side of the shore was a large colourful market place with local food, fruit and veg stalls as well as other stalls which we headed to first to grab some lunch before heading into the old town. 
From there we headed on to the old town which was nice with its narrow streets and stone buildings, however when we walked through and out the sea side the wind had picked up considerably and so we headed back to the boats a bit sooner than we had anticipated getting thoroughly soaked in the process!
Falkor moved down towards a town called Marina and so we followed to continue our catch up.