Day 4

Steve & Carol
Wed 17 Jan 2024 13:27
14:41.28N 034:12.79W
We had a lovely sail yesterday and overnight, this morning we put 2 reefs in the main in preparation for stronger winds forecast from tonight for a few days. We are still in the company of the 2 yachts - both catamarans, one is SW of us about 8 miles away and the other SE of us 10 miles away. Steve has spoken to them both on VHF - they don’t know each other but are both Spanish. It’s nice to see them on AIS and during the night I got glimpses of the nearest one’s (Goa6) mast head light. We are also in contact with Goa6 on what’s app as we both have starlink on board.
Today the seas are building a bit and I’m thinking about what meals to prepare for the next couple of days when we are expecting strong winds and bigger seas!