Port Nelson, Rum Cay, Bahama's

Steve & Carol
Sun 3 Feb 2013 21:07
23:38.75N 074:50.80W
We actually got to Port Nelson 2 days ago and forgot to update the blog – whoops. We are here waiting to go south and have been ashore a few times to the small town, most of the houses seem to have roof damage from Hurricane Sandy which passed here in October, they are covered with tarpaulins and plastic sheets still – not that the roofs were very substantial in the first place, ply wood with strips of roofing felt nailed to them to look like tiles! There is also a marina here which is now in a state of disrepair and is free to boats but has no power etc it is meant to have been damaged in Sandy as well but by the look of the place it was on a downhill spiral before then, there were a few cruising boats in there as well as a sunken sailing boat which might well have gone down in the storm, the entrance is too shallow for us to get in and we prefer to be at anchor, less bugs. The locals are all very friendly and live simple lives the shop has little in the way of stock, the fresh food comes once a week on the mail boat and the fresh meat, fruit and vegetables go very quickly so there were only potatoes, onions and a few other veg left when we went in.