St Mary's, Georgia.

Steve & Carol
Wed 21 Nov 2012 17:00
30:43.07N 81:33.08W For the first 36 hours we were in Charleston I was in bed with a nasty migraine and poor Steve not only left hungry but he was unable to leave the boat as the dinghy was tied down on deck and it takes the two of us to get it into the water. The weather was wet and windy but we did manage to go ashore on Monday to do a few chores before setting off yesterday morning for an overnight trip to St Mary’s in Georgia. The forecast was good (actually it was the same as last time only this time there was less wind than forecast not more) and we always find it reassuring when half the anchorage choose to leave at the same time as us. We had a good trip though the wind was a little light to begin with we did manage to sail for two thirds of it and are now anchored in the St Mary’s River where the sun is out and its nice and warm.